Device As a Service (DaaS)

DaaS provides a fully managed model combining hardware, services, and software into a single configurable solution for a predictable, affordable periodic fee.

What can be included in a DaaS solution?

Hardware: Any Hardware offers including PCSD hardware options, MBG, and DCG products. Devices from other OEMs can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Services: All Services in our portfolio, from warranty upgrades to full system deployment. Availability of services varies across goes so be sure to check with your local services organization to confirm availability.

Software: All Software, as well as select third-party software such as Absolute, Microsoft Office, and Win Magic, to name a few.


Target Customers

The following challenges are good indicators that a customer might be ready to transition to a DaaS Solution:

CIOs looking for an easy, ongoing refresh model that reduces costs and allows them to stay current with the latest device technologies and software to maximize workforce productivity and retain top talent.

IT Managers who want to engage with one vendor and have one contract for all their IT-related needs. If they face service challenges, they have “one throat to choke”.

Finance Managers need to better manage their cash flow through a predictable monthly fee model.

Business Owners looking to strategically outsource costly individual IT requirements or completely rid themselves of the entire device support lifecycle.

Meet the New DaaS Solutions


Choice of the latest flagship devices, premier support, Standard Reports, Asset Disposition, and flexible financial services financing.


Designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses, simplify gives customers the opportunity to leverage the very latest technology backed by premier support. It features easy, predictable monthly payments and no upfront investment in an easy-to-understand, simple-to-buy solution.


Everything from the Simplify Solution, imaging/enterprise-ready preload, asset tag, Custom BIOS settings, Microsoft Autopilot registration, and flexible financial services.


For medium-sized businesses and enterprises, accelerate enhances the speed and ease of IT delivery by utilizing the efficiency of our configuration services and streamlined deployment. These services provide a premium end-to-end user experience across the customer’s organization.


Everything from Simplify and Accelerate solutions and adding in the flexibility to build a custom DaaS solution combining any options from our full services catalog, including transformative services such as Encryption, Cloud Deploy/recovery, Unified Endpoint Management, Accidental Damage Protection, Keep Your Drive, as well as a Custom Ordering Portal, Service Delivery Manager, and flexible Financial Services.


For enterprise and global customers, Transform will change the way a customer’s organization experiences Modern IT, delivering premium devices, expert support, smooth and simple deployment, plus advanced IT automation and intelligence services. IT resources to stay focused on what they do best, users are empowered to stay productive, and finance is satisfied with a simple, affordable, and predictable cost structure.

DaaS Solutions – Make Modern IT Easier

DaaS allows businesses to simplify and enhance their organizational IT assets, services, and support resources—yet it can be difficult to know where to begin in pivoting towards a modern workplace. Our new solutions allow organizations to transform into Modern IT through a selection of DaaS constructs, giving a clear entry point from which, they can build the complete DaaS solution that best meets their business needs.

Customize for your Perfect Fit

The solutions are designed to be customized, so every customer can access the right mix of DaaS features to power efficiency and increase productivity across their organization. Rely on us to keep your organization’s environment running safely, securely, and at optimal efficiency with Think Shield's built-in protection. At the end of the term, we will manage secure asset disposition that is compliant with local governance and environmental regulations, while customers experience uninterrupted workflow with a convenient device refresh. Depend on the expertise to deliver smart life cycle services and bring the modern workplace to your organization with the most flexible and cost-effective DaaS solutions.

Key Features of DaaS  


Custom image, configure BIOS, and load management tools.

 Hardware & Software Monitoring

Hardware and software asset reports, remote management and remediation tools, multi-vendor patches and on-site options.

 Hardware & Software Add-ons

Web monitoring, email monitoring, managed anti-virus, and Office 365.

 Deploy on-site

Install new machine, migrate data, and remove old machine.

 Asset Recovery

Lease management reports, call history/loss control reports, and removal of old assets with a certified data delete.

Premier Support

Single end-user phone line, Technical Account Manager, multi-vendor, and on-site fix.

   Flexibility to Scale

Ability to adjust PC volume to meet changing usage over the contract term.

   Data & Device Security

Manage endpoint security with continuous monitoring. Includes suspicious event alerts, security posture reports, at-risk data discovery, security application health monitoring, and remote remediation of potential security incidents