Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)

Implemented safe cloud to cloud migration for a public institution protecting the client’s data with all the required security and compliances

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)

Implemented safe cloud to cloud migration for a public institution protecting the client’s data with all the required security and compliances


The client had used old and outdated hardware to run legacy applications, all these applications were majorly lottery, post lottery, and material testing, etc. Since the applications were very old, they were consuming a high amount of resources from old and outdated hardware. Due to this the client had been facing frequent high utilization, server hang, breakdown issues very often during the lottery draw and during this time the website did not work which led to many escalations from the end users who had booked their houses. This was raised as a major concern by them.

Application and server slowness had been day-to -day operational challenges; for hosting their application and database, they needed a platform with high availability, on-demand, and scalability. Failure of the Oracle RAC management hardware under high-volume queries was a frequently reported problem. Due to the load balancer's inability to keep up with many requests, the user experience was suffering. To meet peak demands, they required the best possible use of the IT infrastructure and resources. Their systems needed to be standardized and scalable so that they could plan a faster implementation cycle, and a stable technological environment. Data security and encryption were requested, but it was challenging to accomplish this due to the old and ransomware-infected environment. The IT department had to deal with expenses related to administration, procurement, service provider management, technical support, etc.


Using CloudEndure, the environment was migrated to AWS EC2 instances using a Microsoft Oracle DB Server database. Using a firewall, several individuals connecting from various locations were remotely managed (Fortinet). Log-shipping in an AWS multi- AZ environment enabled Oracle Server to operate with high availability. CloudWatch served as the setup's monitoring tool. AWS- managed keys are used to encrypt data that is at rest. IAM had been used to grant administrators access to pertinent EC2 and S3 buckets. We built the client’s infrastructure using the AWS ap-south-1 (Mumbai) region. We established one VPC in the Mumbai area (logical data center). There are public subnets and private subnets within that VPC.

We set up security tools like the FortiGate NGFW on public subnets before placing our actual application servers and database servers behind that firewall in the private subnet. We utilized an internal application load balancer to distribute application traffic to several application servers together with AWS EC2. Additionally, there is an internet-facing AWS Network load balancer in front of the firewall. Aside from AWS EC2, ELB also uses AWS IAM to provide users with specific permissions, AWS S3 to store object-based data, AWS CloudWatch to monitor and alarm, and CloudTrail to audit AWS account logs. For WAF, DDOS, and CDN, we employed Cloudflare in addition to AWS for increased security.


  • The client has provided affordable housing to nearly 7.50 lakh families across the state, of which 2.5 lakh alone are in Mumbai. Due to highly secured, scalable, and robust AWS infrastructure, the lottery has been befitted to all its end consumers. All the lottery events have been smooth and the website has been enabled with autoscaling hence no downtime was observed during the lottery draw event (During the lottery draw numerous users hit the  website to check the lottery results, due to which website volume goes beyond its limits and before AWS auto-scaling website down issues reported)

  • Client’s lottery draw event has live video streaming and has been newly introduced for end users so that they can attend the event online from any place, website also manages workload in the backend by autoscaling, and due to AWS securities implemented it gives secure access to end users.

  • The Lottery registration process has been made online, due to auto scaling and highly robust infra, end users have seamless access website and related services

  • Website downtime reduced nearly to zero.

  • 4 million people were concurrently logged in following the deployment procedure.

  • Firewall and other security policies, Clients infra and website has not gone down due to external attacks.

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